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Playtoo is working to bring traditional games from the web2 app stores into the realm of web3. With its framework, Playtoo simplifies the process of transforming traditional games into web3-compatible games, allowing developers have an opportunity of breaking the standard age old models of centralised playstores and empowers themselves to regain control over their rewards.

Additionally, Playtoo offers features such as challenges and tournaments, to enhance user interaction and excitement. The ultimate goal of Playtoo is to become a new decentralized hub, providing developers with increased rewards opportunities and users with an engaging and rewarding gaming experience, all without any upfront costs for developers and no access fees for players!

  • How many video Ads do you need to show in your Game App to earn $3? If you're lucky, it's around 350-400 videos! That means your user spends 2-3 hours watching ads in your App

  • What's the Cost per Install (CPI) for your Game App? It ranges from $0.5 to $3. So if your user isn't spending 2-3 hours watching ads, you're likely losing money

  • Do you think your game is worth it, but lack the budget to make it take off and earn what you deserve?

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